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Multi Site VoIPVoIP for Single or Multiple Offices:

People often see VoIP as only having value for multi-site organisations; however, even if your company operates from one site, there are many advantages.

For example, replacing your existing system with VoIP means you'll never have to buy another system again! All you need to purchase are handsets, everything else is done elsewhere with a system that is always evolving and 'bang up to date'!

If your company does have multiple offices, each with a number of staff that have a regular requirement to call each other, the use of 'SIP Trunking' between sites allows each office to be independent, having its own system and telephone lines, but utilises VoIP to make inter-office calls free.

Even more efficient, VoIP can be used to remove the need for separate systems at each site by moving entirely into the 'Hosted' environment. This enables the free transferring of calls between offices (for example if a client has called the wrong branch), and the ability for remote office to help taking calls during busy periods, etc etc...

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